Timofey Medvedev

Director of the Israeli Office

After many miraculous encounters and literal rescues by "unknown" God in his life, he was saved in 1989 and launched straight into full-time ministry.

In 1990 he was leading more than 50 home groups with over 1000 members in St. Petersburg, Russia, in growing emerging young church.

Being a youth pastor for 500 teens, training thousands of young people in winter and summer camps, being Bible teacher in Bible college that graduated over 1200 people in four years, graduate Master in Theology (MTh) at University of Wales, serving as a bishop’s right hand behind Polar Circle, starting churches and ministries, meeting with government leaders, helping tens of thousands with social support, reaching hundreds of thousands with the Gospel of Jesus – this is only part of the awesome work that God is doing through his life.

None of that could ever have been possible without his wife Marina, who wisely and prayerfully has been standing with him for twenty years of their marriage, and his two daughters - Ekaterina and Kristine-Maria who keep him in love and compassion :)