On 20-21 November David Hathaway shared the Good News with 2000 Russian Holocaust survivors and their families living in Israel; in both of the services, held in the Maxi Dome Tel Aviv, worship was led by Vinesong. The Friday afternoon service was filmed and broadcast on Yes TV, a Russian language broadcaster. Preceding these meetings, on Thursday 19 November, David and his delegation of pastors and ministers, met with the Director General of the Knesset, Senior Members of the Knesset, and Dalia Itzik, former Acting President of Israel.

Opening their Scriptures, David said to the Survivors: "I believe in your God; your God is my God; He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; He is the God of Israel. Only our God forgives sin and heals our diseases. 137 times your Scriptures foretold that Messiah would come to suffer, 200 times that He would come as King. Yeshua [Jesus] was born in Bethlehem, He grew up in Nazareth, He died on a cross in Jerusalem. I want you to know Him!"

During the period of preparation for the Saturday afternoon service, Israel Proctor, one of the Russian Jewish pastors commented: "We will be taking 60 buses packed with people to this special event that we have organised specifically so that people get a chance to hear the Gospel. After the event, we will be taking everybody on a special Biblical tour to visit some of the amazing sites where the Gospel comes alive. Initially we planned to gather 500 people, and even that was a stretch for us, but the response was so overwhelming that the number quickly grew to 800, and eventually 1000 people - all non-believers! Imagine now, with over 1000 people together in one place on one day, gathering just to hear the Gospel for the first time in their lives! This is a recipe for a miracle and we expect God to do mighty things during this event."