David spent three days ministering to different Russian-speaking Jewish groups in Israel: Holocaust survivors, new converts from earlier meetings, drug addicts in rehab, young people. Most touching was to hear the testimonies from those who had heard of Jesus their Messiah in earlier meetings and now are learning to walk by faith in Him.

Thursday 28 November: Speaking to church leaders and workers David said: 'The whole purpose of the Gospel we present is to prepare for the return of Jesus. Just as John the Baptist declared, so it is also true for us, we are sent to prepare the way for Jesus. We are God's messengers here on earth. The Apostle Paul wrote that this Gospel must first be preached to the Jew first, and then to the Gentile (Romans 1:16).'

Friday 29 November: Speaking from Mark 5 David explained how when you touch Jesus a miracle will happen. Even in a busy crowd Jesus knows the individuals who reach out to Him. The amount you touch Him by faith everything will be made well.

Saturday 30 November: The God of Israel is a Father. The relationship we have with God is so important. Jesus told us to call God 'our Father', We are sons and daughters of God. This is why we have the right to approach Him and talk to Him personally, as we would with any father. The God of Israel is your Father and He is my Father. Jesus came as the Son of God to show us that God is our Father.