Monday 4 May - David's message was broadcast live to the whole nation! This was a first ever in history! This was on Yes TV, the equivalent of Sky 1 in UK! From the most prestigious venue in Jerusalem, against the most iconic background, David told the Jewish people, Holocaust Survivors and their descendants, about their Messiah.

In his message - because it was live to the whole nation of Israel, and in the context of the current Middle East conflict - David said the following:

'You owe your existence in Israel to a miracle. Out of suffering God brings victory. Israel was born out of the suffering and desperation of the Holocaust in fulfilment of prophecy. God is a Deliverer. In Egypt, God saw the suffering of His people and He came down to deliver. The God of Abraham - who sent Yeshua 2000 years ago - will always deliver Israel, whatever the crisis. Yeshua, your Jewish Messiah, is coming back in your crisis today. Israel will never be defeated - God will not allow it. The God of Israel will deliver your nation - be ready to receive Him! I know the exact moment when He comes - it's when you cry out as a nation, "Oh that You would rend the Heavens and come down!" - Isaiah 64:1. - He will come when you call! And He will deliver you now, you don't have to wait - He wants you, He wants you to call on Him now, because He is concerned about your nation, and He is concerned about you! God loves Israel, He so loves you, He sent His Son to forgive your sin and heal your sickness!'

The entire audience stood to call on the Name of Yeshua, Jesus, their Messiah! One of our organisers said afterwards, "David when you came in 2011, 2012, 2013, you opened a door of evangelism to unbelievers in Israel that no one thought possible - now others can go through that door. This time in Israel you have broken open a new door of evangelism on a level so high, no one ever dreamt it could be opened!"