ISRAEL, JUNE 2013 (2)

Buses from all over Israel brought Russian-speaking Holocaust survivors and WWII veterans to Tel Aviv to hear David Hathaway speak to them. He said: 'The Old and New Testament introduce us to Yeshua, Jesus. His Name means: God saves, God delivers, God sets free. You have been delivered from the Holocaust, suffering and war - God did this, God brought you here to Israel! In Deuteronomy 4, Moses reminds the people of Israel about the greatest miracle, their deliverance out of Egypt. But in Jeremiah 16:14, God speaks of a greater miracle, a greater deliverance. - You are the fulfilment of the prophecies of Scripture! I believe in the God of Israel who prophesied that you would come out of Russia and Ukraine - you are the evidence of God's power, of His salvation, of who Yeshua is! If you want peace in your heart, you have to forget the past, you have to forgive. It's impossible. Which is easier, to forgive sin or to heal the sick? Both are impossible. But the healing, the miracle you need, is the demonstration of who Yeshua is!'