By a miracle, for the first time since the days of the early church, the Good News about the Jewish Messiah, who came for Jew and Gentile alike, is being preached to thousands and thousands of Jews in the land of Israel. June this year was our sixth great event! And once again our meetings in Israel were held at a time of crisis for the nation. The news broke on the last day of our festival, that the UN peace-keeping forces had abandoned their border posts on the Golan Heights where they had been since the Yom Kippur War in 1973, thus potentially exposing Galilee (and Israel) to hostile attack from Syria for the first time in 40 years.

Buses from all over Israel, from Kazrin in the Golan Heights to Eilat in the south, had brought Russian-speaking Holocaust Survivors and WWII Veterans to Tel Aviv to hear David Hathaway speak. He began: 'I know the situation you are in today in Israel. We must pray for your nation. The UN has pulled their soldiers off the Golan Heights and the Syrian rebels are threatening on television today to attack Israel. But I believe in God and His power to deliver. I want to bring you one of the most important verses in your Scripture: Four thousand years ago when Israel was in slavery in Egypt, God said to Moses, "I have seen the affliction of your people, I have seen your suffering and I am come to deliver!" I would say to your Knesset, to every Israeli, and particularly to those of you here today - God has spoken - let us call on God to deliver: "Oh God of Israel, defend and protect Israel - the nation and the people. Deliver Israel from every attack, send angels and the very power of Heaven to defend and protect Israel - not the Israeli military 'Iron Dome', but something far more powerful, that the very hand of God would cover and protect this nation, protect every person here, every survivor from the Holocaust, every veteran from WWII, every young person, your families, those you love. Oh God of Israel, You promised to Moses, You said, "I have seen the suffering of My people" - and You said, Oh God - "I am come down, I am already here to deliver." And I pray Oh God, at this very moment, that You would deliver and protect Israel - because You are our God and we are Your people. I declare to the whole world, this is the land of the God of Israel, this is the land of Israel, and the God of Israel has all power to deliver us. Do it now, Oh God, in the Name of Yeshua! Amen!'